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Paleo Diet Foods

The hunter-gatherer diet is designed to remove modern foods from your diet. During the last 10,000 years, our diet has changed as modern intensive farming has grown. As a species, we used to eat very differently to the diet we now live on.

It was normal for hunter gatherers to eat foods from one food group at a time, so they might eat meat from an animal they caught one day, then the next they might have nuts they have found, or berries, or fruits. The important thing to note is that unlike our modern diet, cavemen from the Paleolithic era rarely mixed food groups during meals.

There is evidence that our stomachs are designed to process one food group at a time rather than carbohydrates with proteins and operates much more efficiently this way.

Intensive farming has created foods that our bodies aren’t designed to eat, bread, dairy, refined sugar, potatoes, legumes, refined salts, processed oils etc.

By eating Paleo diet foods which include fish, organic meats, vegetables, fruit, fungi, eggs, roots and nuts, you will be eating a healthy ‘natural’ diet that your stomach is designed to process.

The most important part of a Paleolithic diet is to group the right foods together so that you can digest them efficiently and extract the maximum benefit in terms of nutrition. The best way to make sure that you are eating the right foods in the right groups at the right time is to use a meal planner alongside a comprehensive recipe book.

Like any diet plan, it is only easy to stick to if the food is tasty to eat as well as offering you the benefits to your health that you expect.

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