The recipe for happiness? An enduring marriage and an affair with lots of sex

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The setting is the quiet corner of an Italian restaurant in the City; the players are George, an IT specialist, and Zoe, who wears a pretty dress and a big smile; they drink an especially good bottle of wine and when they get to coffee he reaches over and kisses her on the mouth. She surprises him by kissing him back. To onlookers it might be the classic opening scene of a traditional romance.

Yet both parties are married to other people, whom they have no intention of leaving. Although they will go on to enjoy all the spoils of a relationship, from intimate phone calls to Christmas shopping trips and, of course, regular sex, this is understood from the outset. They are in fact launching into a “playfair”, a 21st-century affair in which would-be adulterers meet, via specialist dating websites, to enjoy the excitement of an illicit relationship without any of the domestic fallout.

Alongside the internet dating revolution, these “playfairs” are evidence of a potentially dramatic shift in British marriage. As online dating websites open up a global shop window of sexual possibilities, as life expectancy continues to rise and we become increasingly sexually aware, how can we still take the crushing old rules of fidelity, that turn marriage into a prison, for granted? Why should we not be able to recapture the heady thrills of youth, while protecting a secure home life?


It’s important to have all bases covered when you’re having an affair. Having an alibi is extremely important if you plan on keeping your marriage and keeping your lover in a balanced, satisfying situation. You need to ensure you have a valid alibi in your head (and hands if possible) to explain your whereabouts should the conversation come up before you walk in the door. Having someone there to cover your ass because you come home at midnight or call in a sick day at work to spend more time with your lover is vital to keep things calm for all parties. There is no reason for there to be problems at home from your affair if you have strong alibis to support you.

The Pros Of Having an Affair
Of course, there have to be positive points to having an affair or nobody would be doing it. It is often to fill voids that their current relationship doesn’t fill; boredom; loneliness; naturally wondering eyes; and many other reasons. When someone feels something missing in their relationship, albeit emotionally or physically, they will often want to complete the circle, make themselves feel fully satisfied with another person. It can maintain being just self esteem boosting or sexual relief, or it can grow into a valued, caring relationship that continues for many years.

If you are at a point in your life where you have decided that you are going to cheat, then online dating services have a vast selection of personal ads from people all over the globe. Below are some helpful guidelines designed to get your online affair started and avoid being caught. * Never use your home PC as a place to conduct your affair. No matter how clever and careful you may think you are, the more comfortable you get in the affair the more likely you are to slip up and make a mistake that your spouse or partner could stumble across. Your work PC can also cause similar problems. The safest and least stressful way is to use an Internet cafe.

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