Time For Professional Photographers To Shine

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Professional Photographers To Shine because jessops in recent years, it has been hit by increasing competition from supermarkets and internet retailers. Jessops, which was founded in Leicester in 1935, has 192 stores in the UK and employs about 2,000 staff. The administrators said that it was “inevitable” that some stores would have to close.

While Jessops was a well-known brand with a strong reputation for service, its core marketplace had seen a significant decline in 2012, which was forecast to continue in 2013.

At Jessops, it is understood that suppliers were concerned about the health of the electricals sector after Comet collapsed. Jessops’ own multi-million pound investment in a new modern store format, meanwhile, failed to drive any increase in sales in 2012 on the £236m reported the previous year.

The company’s directors and main lender HSBC tried to strike a deal with suppliers to ease the financial pressure on Jessops but met “irreconcilable differences”. HSBC and Jessops employees owned the company and face being the main financial losers from its collapse. Jessops is estimated to have debts of £60m, including £30m of trade debt and £30m owed to HSBC, which the bank is now likely to lose.  

Time For Professional Photographers To Shine

One reason for the company’s loss in profits are down to the increase in mobile phones with high quality cameras and the increase in people not having the need to print of photos and keep them as they are able to enjoy them everyday on the iPads and table pc, the the real question is because or the decline in people have photos developed and with everyone with a phone having a camera is professionally photography a dying industry.

Before we try to kill of that industry lets look at it for a second, we would never let someone take the photos for or wedding on a camera phone or our family photos so are we just replacing good well taken professional photos with rushed and badly taken photos on our phones.

The internet is littered with these mobile photos and self-shoots as they are now being called but are we over looking the skill and quality or a well taken photo by a professorial I will let you decide from the photos below.


I know which one of the two I would rather have and keep and with more and more people meeting people online and using it as a tool for dating and meeting your future sole mate and the importance of first impressions I feel this is an industry that we can’t afford to let disappear.

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