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Online Money Making Ideas

Sat with a computer in from of you, looking for online money making ideas? We have some easy to implement suggestions to get you started.

Refer People you know for Job Placements;

There are sites emerging on the net that connect employers with prospective employees. Lots of their customers are already employed, not actually looking for a new job, but via networking this process works. You know suitable candidates highly qualified for the jobs available. Sites like Refer Earns WiseStepp and The easiest way to start your own recruitment agency with no initial outlay.

Refer People you Know to Suppliers;

In business, referrals are an everyday activity. Online networking has been slow to catch up because of the issues of tracking them effectively. Sites such as Innersell, Amplifinity and Salesconx have successfully filled this market. You get paid when a transaction is completed.

Get Paid to write content;

This is one of the most popular online money making ideas we have, it’s easy and low cost and can be fun too. You can get paid for providing quality content to a growing number of sites that pay dependent on page views, so the better your content, the more you earn. The best articles can earn up to $200. It will probably take you some time to learn to write content of that quality, but the opportunity is there if you have some time to invest in it.Try Helium and Yahoo Voices to get started.

Create your own Blog

Online money making ideas don’t get much better than blog writing. It’s not necessary to know anything about webdesign, with WordPress you can easily set up your own blog and be publishing your thoughts in a matter of minutes. Adding Google Adwords is straighforward, and means that you will get paid when your visitors click on the links. Read more about creating your own blog here.

Resource Hubs can Generate Income;

Along with blogging, resource hubs are a one of the great online money making ideas if you have knowledge on a particular subject you want to share. If you consider yourself to be an expert on a subject, why not share that knowledge via a topical information hub on sites such as Hub Pages, and Squidoo. This is a great way to get found easily and start to generate traffic to your content.

Sell Related Products

If you have a website or blog set up already, then selling ads to non competing products is a great way to increase your income.

Just add the link Ad code to the relevant keywords in your content and sit back and count the cash.

Sell Stock Photographs

Anyone can upload their images to sites such as iStockphoto, Shutterstock, Dreamstime and Fotolia. People tend to search by subject rather than by the photographers name, so you are on a level playing field with everyone else….. assuming you can take good quality photos that is!

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