Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

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How Fire Suppression Systems work.

In fire suppression, water is forced through micro nozzles to form a water mist with the most effective fire fighting droplet size. The water mist can give optimum protection by its cooling effect and also by the “inerting” or elimination of oxygen effect as water expands by a factor of 1700 when it evaporates. Thus when water mist comes into contact with the fire – heat and oxygen, 2 of the essential ingredients of fire are much reduced or eliminated. Less water is required in fire suppression than with conventional fire sprinklers systems.

Water mist systems are almost like the spray from an aerosol where conventional sprinklers are more like the water coming from a domestic shower. Water Mist systems are not ideally suited to all applications.

fire suppression

Not everyone lives with a fire safety officer
In domestic settings, most occupants can’t identify hazards the way Fire Safety professionals can. With so many flammables and heat sources in a kitchen, even something as innocuous as a badly placed kitchen roll can be dangerous. By contrast, businesses are required to assess fire risks regularly and carefully, adjusting working practices and using signage to avoid the vast majority of hazards.

The presence of adult work colleagues in a commercial environment also helps to professionalise behaviour and the approach to risk, resulting in a higher level of hazard avoidance and elimination. In the home, by contrast, a parent may be simultaneously cooking and caring for children alone hob, with no-one to act as “backstop” and no procedures to prevent accidents.

Kitchensafe is a fully automatic fire suppression system that is designed and manufactured in the UK  and uses the latest digital technology to sense high temperatures and fire conditions.  In the event of a fire, the gas or electric fuel supply is shut off to reduce the risk of re-ignition and a water-mist extinguishes the flames within 5 seconds.  An additional discharge will further cool the affected area rendering it completely safe.  The fire suppression system also has a 30 minute battery back-up enabling continued operation in the event of a power failure.

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