Different Types of Drink Driving Offences in the UK?

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Drink Driving Offences

You are putting your licence and your job at risk by not knowing the law on the UK highways and roads.

To learn to drive in the UK you must first have a provisional licence otherwise you run the risk of getting court for driving without a driving licence and this you result in getting a ban from UK roads.With Safety as a number one priority on the roads endorsements are a necessary to keep drivers under control and punishing drivers that break those laws.

The punishment for breaking these laws range because the laws that you can break on the road range from 3 points if you just go over the speed limit to having your licence taken from you if you drink and drive.
If you drink and drive of take drugs and drive it is an automatic ban and the time that you are banned for depends on the court and the circumstances.
drinking and driving
Unlike the rest of the EU in the UK all the road signs are in MPH and not KPH which can catch out holiday makers for other countries. The speed limit is set as a max limit and not the speed you have to go all the time in all weather conditions you have to decide what speed you are safe with as long as it s under the signed speed limit for that road. With this in mind it applies to some drivers of vehicles to 30 mph in residential areas and schools, but then also allows different speeds on single and dual carriageways for normal cars and bikes but a different speed limit to large goods vehicles, this can also include cars towing trailers and other vehicles that have their speed limit reduced.
On a UK road they do not have to have signs up every 100 yards they only have to been shown at the start of a new speed limit and the rule is if there are street lights in a built up area it is 30 mph. Speed limits of 20 mph, 30 mph, 40 mph, 50 mph and 60 mph are also used on roads in the UK where it is deemed that the national or in-town speed limit is inappropriate, with repeater signs posted at regular intervals.

If the court decide that you are not safe on the road they are able to ban you from driving depending on what event you are in court accused of this is also know as a driving disqualification.
A totting up ban is when you get multiple points over three years and if these reach 12 you will have your licence banned the court will decide for how long based of the facts of your case.

For the first two years of having a licence you are on probation as you are only able to receive 6 points on your licence before you will have your licence taken away from you and will have to retake your driving test.

To get back on the road after you have received a driving ban here are some pointers to help get your licence back. If you’re disqualified for a driving offence, the court will decide how long the disqualification will last, based on how serious they think the offence is.  
After you have been banned from driving and you receive your licence back if you are court again you will be banned for a much longer time frame and every time this happens again it will be added up.
All this is to keep the roads and highways a safer place for all the drivers on the road and also to punish those that break the law. 

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