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Quad biking and quad bikes, or – to be more precise – all terrain vehicles – are fun things. Yes, they’re noisy and – in the wrong hands – they can be used for destructive purposes, but so can kitchen knives. Quad bikes are small vehicles with a seat that the driver sits astride, and handlebars which are used for steering.

Quad bikes are supposed to be manufactured with only one seat, although you could be seeing two-seater quads fairly soon. Designed to be used off road, quad bikes are not legally allowed to be driven on streets in certain countries.

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There is nothing like quad biking around a tough dirt track full of tricky obstacles. You may encounter hill climbs, descents, lumps and bumps, see saws and narrow bridges. You’ll get to practice before tackling any of this though, and when you come face-to-face with a quad bike, don’t underestimate them because of their size, they can be a real handful!
A safe fun adventure is our highest priority. Every Quad Bike Adventure Tour includes a short safety briefing and instructions on quad bike operations, prior to every departure, by one of our highly trained safety officers.

There is also the opportunity of stretching the Quads legs and covering some very challenging areas where speed is not the important factor.

Some quad bike assault course are probably unique. Each bike is fitted with a concave tray and the idea is to get all the way around the course balancing a tennis ball in your tray.

This may sound easy but with steps, ramps, a see saw and even a chain bridge to negotiate you may just have your work cut out – and that´s before you get to the sleepers, limbo and ladders!

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