Corporate Hospitality Is More Than Just A Jolly!

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Corporate hospitality and entertainment is an fabulous way to win favour with clients. Why is this good for your business? Corporate entertainment helps to build strong relationships with new and potential clients as well as nurtures and cultivates a long and healthy relationship with existing clients. It’s the Law of Reciprocity… you give someone an experience and they feel need to reciprocate.

The best way to do this is to use some sort of participatory event, where enjoyment is the key. Doing business is hard enough, no-one wants to sit around stuffy board room tables and thrash out deals. While there may be a time and a place for this, generally seeds of business dealings and contracts are sown in the relaxed and enjoyable surroundings of an event.

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Top 5 Corporate Hospitality Ideas

Outdoor Events are always a hit with guests. Outdoor events are a fantastic way to unwind and get out of the office for a day or two. The key to successful events is positive shared experiences.

What better way to experience a memorable day& than participating in a fun, action packed outdoor teambuilding activity?


Award Ceremonies

An awards ceremony is an event where an award, of any type, is given to a person or people. Ceremonies are usually held at night, with guests wearing formal gowns and suits. They also usually have a host, with many categories for the awards.

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A sports day including football matches, cricket matches, and hockey tournaments is a great turn on for both clients and the colleagues. As per the budget a lavish dinner after the fun would be great delight for everyone. A fun casino can also play a great role in enticing the people to participate.

Team Building Exercise

Team building is a philosophy of job design in which employees are viewed as members of interdependent teams instead of as individual workers. Team building refers to a wide range of activities, presented to businesses, schools, sports teams, religious or non-profit organizations designed for improving team performance. Team building is pursued via a variety of practices, and can range from simple bonding exercises to complex simulations and multi-day team building retreats designed to develop a team.

Corporate Entertainment

There are many different types of corporate entertainment and you can find out more about these in our Types of Corporate Entertainment feature. However, most corporate events tend to have similar aims: to promote the company, to motivate staff, to generate new business and to show appreciation to staff, clients and customers.

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