Top tips from solicitor for a Tenants when renting a property from a Landlord

Top tips from solicitor for a Tenants

According to solicitor there are many points a tenant should consider before taking a tenancy some of which are listed below:


What length tenancy is being offered is the first question you should ask according to solicitor? 6 months/1 year and what are the renewal options at the end of the fixed term?   If the landlord has an agent it may be that if the tenancy is renewed the agent will require a new tenancy to be signed up and will require payment of an admin/renewal fee from the tenant.

Also if the landlord has an agent there are likely to be regular inspections by the agent –solicitor said you should enquire as to how often these are to be Read more

There’s No Such Thing As Localised Fire use a fire suppression system

Fire Suppression System

Fire suppression system could help in a fire because there’s no such thing as a localised fire. Because fire means smoke and smoke simply gets into every nook and cranny. Often, in small fires, smoke damage is much more severe than Read more