4×4 Off Road Driving

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Using 4×4 vehicles, and experienced instructors we put you through a 4×4 course that could help you in real life. We don’t just show you how to negotiate hills, hollows and mud, but more importantly, how to read the terrain and pick the most suitable route in your 4×4. So that in real life if you had to go cross-country you would have a good idea of how to do it safely and (hopefully) without getting stuck. Did we say stuck? Yes. Stuck!

On our 4×4 off-road courses you really can get stuck if you pick the wrong route or don’t drive it correctly. That’s why we have a back-up 4×4 parked close to where you will be driving. If you become stuck, you will taught how to recover your 4×4 vehicle safely, either using tools, or towing – using both conventional and kinetic towropes.



land rover defender badges through time



Greenlaning (or two-tracking) is generally suitable for any four-wheel-drive vehicle, even with factory tires and equipment. The term greenlane refers to the fact that the routes are predominantly along unsurfaced tracks, forest tracks, or older roadways that may have fallen into disuse.

Greenlaning is popular among All Wheel Drive (AWD) SUVs with limited off-road capabilities, being designed for only light off-roading in normal use.


So what does the day involve? Once everyone has arrives and we have introduced ourselves, we’ll have a brief safety discussion, just so you know what to expect during your 4×4 off road driving experience. We serve you tea or coffee and ensure everyone has booked extra lunches for any spectators. It’s then off to the driving site where our instructors will first show you how to read the ground, prior to driving, this will enable you to negotiate obstacles safely before progressing onto difficult circuits.

You will always have an instructor with you at all times and after a day learning how to drive off road, most of our clients are happily driving over obstacles that they never thought possible in standard 4×4.

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